Build a Green
Lithium Battery Eco chain

  • Research&Development
  • Technical Innovation
  • Intelligent Manufacture
  • Perfect Quality
  • Full Life Cycle Utilization
  • Full life cycle utilization

  • High

    NMC material route
    for lasting performance

  • Safety

    Inner material outside
    shell, multiple protection

  • Long Life

    The product's longest
    cycle life can reach more
    than 3,000 times

  • Extreme Temperature Performance

    Discharge rate up
    to 85% at -20°C

  • Fast Charge

    Up to 7C discharge rate

  • Customized

    Change on demand, with
    strong spatial adaptability,
    high energy density

  • Reasonable

    Uniform current, small
    temperature difference,
    good heat dissipation

  • High and Low

    Adopting BDU Design
    to Better Realize High
    and Low Pressure Separation

  • Wire Speed
    Design Science

    Guaranteed No Soldering
    and Flickering

  • Power Battery Management System

  • High Performance

    High Accuracy & High Robustness
    Intelligent Thermal Management and Balanced Management
    EMC and electrical performance and high reliability
    BMS hardware solutions

  • High-level Safety

    Meeting functional safety ASIL C level requirements
    Complete high pressure safety management and
    comprehensive fault diagnosis coverage
    Reliable battery over/under/over current/over temperature
    detection and multiple redundant protection mechanisms

  • Platformization

    Platformized BMS Hardware Architecture
    Platformized BMS Software Architecture
    BMS Development Process and Tool Chain System
    in Accordance with ISO26262 & A-SPICE Standards

  • Low Cost

    Raise the production efficiency to control cost from material
    and battery design, intelligent production and other several links

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