Sustainable Innovation
for BAK Cells

  • Research&Development
  • Technical Innovation
  • Intelligent Manufacture
  • Perfect Quality
  • Full Life Cycle Utilization
  • the NMC Battery Cell Products

  • Cylindrical Battery

    Cylindrical battery cells are one of the most mature and stable products of BAK Power with a variety of production lines

    2.4Ah 2.75Ah 3.0Ah 3.3Ah
    4.5Ah 4.8Ah
  • Prismatic Battery

    Prismatic batteries are one of BAK Power's hit products. A single battery cell has a capacity of 300-5000mAh, and its shape and capacity can be customized according to customer demand. In addition, BAK Power's many excellent prismatic battery products have already achieved mass production, and power many electric passenger vehicles, electric trucks and electric buses.

  • Polymer Battery

    Featuring long cycle life, high energy density and customized dimensions.

  • Stable Safety Performance

    According to a survey conducted by BAK Power on consumers in more than 20 provinces and cities in China, 67% of consumers are most concerned with battery safety when purchasing new energy vehicles.BAK Power fully focuses on integral R&D design of battery safety and was the first company in China to pass the Thermal Runaway Management Technology Test, which protects clients' core benefits.

  • Design Security

    Adopting specific chemical and unique structural system, to ensure the cell completes effective heat release under extreme abuse, with no danger of overheating

  • Product Safety

    With the special design of the module, the thermal runaway appears in the single cell, and the whole package works normally.

    300+ module explosion-test verification, 100% passing rate

  • Production Safety

    Advanced automatic pro-duction line and interna-tional leading production management system, to ensure product consistency and completely elimi-nate potential safety hazards

  • Safeguarding Security

    Complete after-sales customer service available 24/7

  • Superior Cycle Life

    As the basis for the life span of a new energy vehicle, the battery cell can be recharged repeatedly without any loss of its performance.

    BAK Power batteries are designed with superior components and materials and uses a more stable composite structural graphite to ensure high battery capacity and long life cycle.

  • 1000 times

  • capacity retention rate of over 80%

  • Low temperature state -20℃ High temperature state 60℃

    Discharge ratecan reach 85%

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